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Bronson HE-D 220v to 110v Converter

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The Bronson HE-D Series

The Bronson HE-D transformer (220-240 volt / 110 volt) can be used to run American and Japanese products in UK, Europe and Asia. The HE-D series of voltage converters provide a professional stabilized continuous power output for 100-110 volt devices to be powered in 220-240 volt countries.

APPLICATIONS: Pro Studios: HE-D series is suitable for sound studio applications (extremely low noise / vibration output) as well as home and office applications where noise (electrical buzz) is a problem.
Home / Office: HE-D series features energy saving Toroidal Core Technology reducing standby & load consumption to minimal levels.

  • Use American and Japanese 100-110 Volt electric devices in UK and Europe on 220-240 Volt power supply.
  • High efficiency Toroidal Core technology produces clean and stable 100-110V output power with high conversion efficiency and very low standby consumption.
  • Low noise & vibration in standby and under load: Suitable for pro audio studio and home and office.
  • AC Input Voltage: 220 – 240 V
  • AC Output Voltage: 100 – 110 V
  • Input: IEC input with EU/UK input cable* as part of the delivery
  • Output: 2 USA sockets (NEMA) for 2-pin or 3-pin plugs



  • surge protection
  • current overload protection
  • heat sensor automatic shutdown protection

POWER RATING: For ideal performance the continuous load should be approximately 50-75% of the maximum converter rating, this will provide the best conversion efficiency results and longer lifespan of the product.
Do not exceed the maximum continuous power rating (80% of Maximum Peak Rating) for more than 30minutes. Do not exceed the maximum total power rating (overload protection feature will cause automatic shutdown in total current overload). Multiple devices can be connected to the HE-D converter and connection of a power strip with additional devices is possible but the combined consumption of all connected devices must be less than the power ratings of your HE-D converter.

CAUTION NOTE: Not all devices are compatible with voltage converters due to electrical frequency (Hz) issues. Before buying a voltage converter, please contact the device manufacturer to clarify the suitability of the product for use with a voltage converter.


Technical Specifications

Input Voltage220 – 240 Volts
Output Voltage110 – 120 Volts
Input Frequency50-60Hz
Input Voltage Plug TypeIEC input with EU Schuko Standard Plug / UK Standard Plug*
Output Sockets2x USA (Nema Grounded)
Overcurrent ProtectionBreaker Switch
Overheat ProtectionYes
Efficiency Rating98%
Switch TypeLED Breaker Switch
Galvanic IsolationNo
DimensionsL: 24 cm; W: 15 cm; H: 15 cm


Bronson HE-D-500

  • Maximum power rating (load capacity): 500 Watts
  • Continuous load capacity**: 400 Watts
  • VA Rating: 500 VA
  • Weight: 3.15 kg
  • Price: 64.90 €

Bronson HE-D-800

  • Maximum power rating (load capacity): 800 Watts
  • Continuous load capacity**: 620 Watts
  • VA Rating: 800 VA
  • Weight: 4.14 kg
  • Price: 73.90 €

Bronson HE-D-1000

  • Maximum power rating (load capacity): 1000 Watts
  • Continuous load capacity**: 800 Watts
  • VA Rating: 1000 VA
  • Weight: 4.73 kg
  • Price: 89.90 €


* The unit comes (depending on the model) either with a EU Schuko plug or a UK plug.
** Maximum power in continuous operation (more than 30minutes).


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